Who Sang Detonate? Apollo Brown feat. M.O.P.

M.O.P. Grandeur cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:17
guest: M.O.P.

"Set me free, of my sadness
Where you find tenderness"

[Verse 1: Lil Fame]
Keep one at the top of the 40 Glock, tell them bitches come for me
I respect the streets for what it done to me
All these new niggas ain't nothing but sons to me
I gave them 20 years, fuck more do you want from me?
I'm El Chapo with a crack flow
You get your shit pushed back slow, *bang*, simple as that
You'll catch a dirt nap, trying to style for the cameras
Cause I'ma lay you down like ceramics

[Billy Danze]
*Boom* Send 'em to a pad
I'm good in any hood homie, access granted
The shooters on your block will tell you
"Danze drag a 'Lac through the ghetto with a lap full of metal"
So relax, be cautious, OG nauseous
Remember you a pawn, I'm a don to the bosses
Set up shop on any city block, that's the office
First Family protecting, you don't want to cross us


[Verse 2: Lil' Fame]
Lil' fella, respect your elders 'fore I fuck around and kill ya
Stay in ya your place, don't fuck around with gorillas
You ain't running with killers or pushing paraphernalia
Talking 'bout all the scrilla like you hustle with Griselda
You ain't no cocaine cowboy, 4-pound on ya hip
With a [?] on some shit, boy
So kill it, you know the name, Fame, this a sinister song
A yo, Bill Danze, finish him off

[Billy Danze]
You're way out of your league, this ain't no miracle war
Ain't nothing changed about M.O.P., we'll send you to God
Extended clips will help you remember your flaws
Get hit with this hollow tip and you'll forget that you're hard
Your hardness is synthetic, street cred is pathetic
We couldn't find a trace of gangster in your genetics
The next time you rap, it should be a true confession
You student on your job that seem to be missing a lesson


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