Money Lyrics - Apollo Brown feat. Masta Ace & Wordsworth

Wordsworth Grandeur cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:08
guest: Masta Ace and Wordsworth

"I'm gonna have a sweet life
Sweetest life you've ever seen
I'm gonna make a lot of money
(Gonna be a big man)
Daddy you know what I mean"

[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
The green the gwap, the cheddar and the lettuce man
You sick of being broke, it's the medicine
Savage for the cabbage, caper for the paper
Tired of being all up on the bus like a Bettis fan
I'm talking currency
I'm talking dead presidents
I ain't worried see, but I know a lot of heads is
Stressed about them benji's and them grants
What's the problem? Tell me, is you stingy or you can't?
Part with that Bob Deniro, that Kermit The Frog
That's the cost when you lost in that permanent fog
That's the money spell
It's like hypnosis
And when you get closest, it's like six roaches
It scatters everywhere
Good luck trying to find it
It don't grow on trees, but still you trying to climb it
And if you fall, guarantee you break something
The doe, the bread, c'mon let's try to bake something

[Hook: Wordsworth]
People will kill you for
Never can have enough
Yeah there's always more
Never can have enough
People will kill you for
Never can have enough
Yeah there's always more
Never can have enough

[Verse 2: Wordsworth]
Luxury homes, fast cars, backyards
Amex, black cards, saunas, fast bars
Fortunate, we all not affording it but talking it
Money is the root of all evil, the fame orders it
Before I shined, I was bordering the line
Was ignored and paid no mind, then the water turned to wine
A few dollars then the shorties that were dimes
Saw my pennies and my nickles start to climb
Got a quarter of they time
Pearls and cars, money in the world of stars
Getting drunk, hurled at bars, girls in bras
Every problem in the world they solve
With kids and your girl involved, money makes the world revolve
Nova Scotia
Noah had his eggs frozen
Hand the check over to a loan shark to make they debt lower
Noah and Rosa Espinoza, death was over
Money shot in they Range Rover in they head and shoulder


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