Who Sang In the Moment? Apollo Brown feat. O.C.

O.C. Grandeur cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:22
guest: O.C.

[Intro: O.C.]
In this game, we a link in the chain
This is real so I'll remain
Preserving the classic ways we do this music

Hahahahah. APOLLO!
Yeah...uh...yeah...continuation of Trophies. Add on to the discography. Let's do it A

[Verse 1: O.C.]
Flow in the pocket, definitely it's an art to it
Taught by the gods prior to me on just how to do it
Now when my pen maneuvers so sick in the groove
Like I'm cruising butter soft the seat is pearly as buluga fur
Believe he's still a prob'
The so-called big names are type feeling themselves I look at 'em as insanes
So here it is, another trophy
The taxidermist I'm out
Heads on walls when I lyrically off 'em
My brain store's open 24/7/365 days, I got that infinite wave
What's etched in stone is [?] place I could never erase
They say it's talk, but what can they say?
Got time in this village off of particaping and skill of the words I put beside one another for you to feel this
Some catch it, some are smart some are dumb
Some dudes work twice as hard but I do it for fun

[Hook: O.C.]
Over some classic shit we give a strong show
Case appealing to the masses, also
You feel a vibe from head to chest, way past your torso
From Detroit to NY, come on yo
Can't deny what you're feeling this is grown folk flow
We got going on deck, lesson bestowing hip hop 101 in effect
You in the moment this will guide you to check out for those not knowing

[Verse 2: O.C.]
Channel my thoughts through music
Beat acting as a conduit
Underground shit here for sewers
For those in the know that I've done this many times
Understand my love for music is more than just rhyme
Kuddos in order as I'm guided by some [?]
Steal from a youngster past coming to the torch they lit
My Earthly form, courtesy of mama I'ma last born
A sibling die before me then I came along
Attitude's cobblestone
And some O's known to keep it light cause I move better on my own
No clone, I'm a 1 of 1
Throughout the planet I'm known for any granite that I walk on is home
Shown respect for people as I expect it in return
The past echos the future, they both merge
Aquatic ear in case the surf surge
Beside Apollo on the board, after the chorus comes the third verse


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