Who Sang What You Were Lookin’ For? Apollo Brown feat. Oddisee

Oddisee Grandeur cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:38
guest: Oddisee

[Oddisee] {​x4}​
I hope you find what you was looking for

[Verse 1: Oddisee]
I came into the city with the vision
Me as my witness, list is shorter than listening
Spans, iron to aim, this is no different plan
Kitchen fans, working around the clock for the higher flames
Sit or stand, get ahead
Bet on that I wouldn't though
Everyone's a star believing space is their entire gang
Adopted that mind of frame
Couldn't go behind the grain
Would you know
Jumped out that line and speeded time of thangs
This a race and I ain't slow
Even with declining grays
Reading on my own forever being in the climbing phase
This is what the shining takes
Focus on the minor thangs will have you in the club
When you should really be designing thangs
I don't know what grinding takes
I just know why I'mma make [?]
Dinner plans, busy now but fine by 8:00
Making reservations for the future that ain't mine by fate
Building with the pictures cause the manuals designed to break
What's in store

[Hook: Oddisee] {​x2}​
I hope you find what you was looking for
There ain't nothing 'round here but work (yeah, yeah)
I hope you find what you was looking for
I just call it how I see it from first (yeah, yeah)
I hope you find what you was looking for

[Verse 2: Oddisee]
This ain't the city where your dreams are conceived (nah)
This ain't the place where you'll be fine at your pace (nah)
This ain't the city where you come to breathe (nah)
This is the place where you can learn from mistakes and leave
Pack up that U-Haul
Next to answer will never remember how did you fall
Hit his bottom list and get caught in this artist stiff with a bunch of call in quits
Will probably sniff the heart on your sleeve; true loss
I live in the belly of the nemesis of Ishmael
Where you are more likely to see December in this hill
Before you beat the bell or the buzzer you'll meet your ending quick
Better swift then left here to bleed, I mean I guess it is
I came here to conquer and and conquer is what I did
I heard the myth of monsters but those are stories for kids
The city never sleeps, I mean that's a product of fear
But me? I'm catching Z's like I earn a stripe with a spear
I see these people hunting for something with no direction
No discretion, no lessons, no motive, no loaded weapon
Where ever they could get ain't worth catching, guess what they left with
A whole lot of questions


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