Who Sang Gettin’ By? Apollo Brown feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Dynasty

Dynasty Grandeur cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:22
guest: Dynasty and Rapper Big Pooh

[Intro: Rapper Big Pooh]
I'm trying to be...
We need to be...
I'm trying to be...
We need to be...

[Verse 1: Rapper Big Pooh]
No faith for the faithless
People hide behind keyboards and screen names remain faceless
Run up on your IP address, give you a face lift
Report it to the public, got the nerve to call me "tasteless"
You envious, they envy us, your envy here is baseless
Surprised to see a black man with tattered hands that's case-less
Grab your purses
The elevator making wiggers nervous
You scared? I'm sure your church is holding service
So what's the plan yo?
You still trying to be the king of yo' city?
Ruler of your region
To every crowd appeasing
You change with the seasons
Your dish needs seasoning
I'm worried 'bout when us black folk gon' breathe again
We feeding in, got us right where we need to be
Pull the curtain back, show you what you need to see
But most of us is Stevie Wonder to the realness
Only the real ones gon' really feel this

[Hook: Rapper Big Pooh]
We listen to these songs as the days go by
Put something in my cup, I'm just trying to get by
I turn my TV on, I just hear a bunch of lies
God help us all, we just trying to get by

I want to be...
We need to be...
I'm trying to be...
We need to be...

[Verse 2: Dynasty]
I just want to lay my heart and soul up on this shit
Get into my feelings
Put all my dealings on the table, I don't care
Show you that it's real it ain't a fable that I share
Apollo blessed me with a track to try to make y'all care
Searching for my muse but he alluding me with blues
I read the first verse from the Hughes man
A super hero but I'm still half human
And my life won't let me forget, like, "What you doing?
Oh, are your hands full? Well here's a little more."
I lift it and used it for inspiration on my tour
So now I'm on the stage having full blown therapy
I'm in Romania like Check Out My Melody
And I'm getting paid for it
And I got life to thank for it
Yeah, I drive a Mustang but my pay foreign
It's like the verses kept changing with the same chorus
Vision got bigger, good life I was made for it


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