Yesman Shit Lyrics - Apollo Brown feat. Sean Price & Reks

Reks Grandeur cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:23
guest: Sean Price and Reks

"Oh, I was so lonely and so blue"

[Verse 1: Sean Price]
I come from Brownsville you come from Who Cares
Son got rude scares, round from the pound kill
Niggas is not tough, get off the block coward
Never sold crack in fact you just sell watch towers
Witness the god distributing hard despicable bars
Egotistical arms beat the shit out your squad
Rugged and raw and Force my team
Loving Allah but off my deen
Spit harder
Forgive me for the shit I spit father
Pray four times a day, yeah I missed Fajr
I'm a work in progress
Work hard so God know my words are honest
Do a verse worthless
Sell it to a clown, universal soul circus
You are now rocking with the best
Everybody wack bop, stop rocking with the rest

[Hook] {x4}
And if you on some tag-along flunky yes man shit
Do me a favor; please get off the next man dick

[Verse 2: Reks]
Superb verbalist, two words: murder shit
You herbs, birth of this
Tag-along, Reks
Efforts is dusted, for the hip hop hall of fame
Call my name for flame
Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme
Pick a team, shirts or blouses
Fuck your couches
Rap is my house, let's run nigga, DMC
Son niggas
What I spit put out, the motherfucking sun
Whip the K off for the dark in my heart
Repping this art Bigger
Better and Deffer
Weapons that stretch ya without Heckler and Koch
Pop the top, apply pressure 'til your thought box
Your head explode
Kim Jong-Ill, this tongue here
Be like yuuuck
Nauseating bars for boys and girls
I hurl pearls
Jewels and wive's tales of how I prevail
And set sail across sea shores still
You're now rocking with the best
Apollo Brown, Ruck and Reks
Original, get off the next man dick


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