Who Sang Checkered Flag? Apollo Brown feat. Ugly Heroes

Ugly Heroes Grandeur cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-9-25
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:26
guest: Ugly Heroes

"Nothing's gonna stop me"

[Verse 1: Verbal Kent]
When shit was rough his time would stand still
Dying like, "Each could be my last meal"
Broke up bricks using the hand scale
Graduated, ask me if I'm glad I made it
Should be songs out, let me live the automater life, annotate it
Master in this shit, Kong
Learn something from me, sitcom
Trust me I have never been the understudy
Never been a funny guy, homie I'm hilarious
I'll lift you by your funny bone and throw you from my area
I've never been the victim, I'm the perpetrator
Of any consequences I'm living with
I'm the antagonist in this bitch
Try me, I'm unmovable
Unusual, could give a fuck how many end up at my funeral
Methods unconventional
And not in an ironic way
I'll grab a hipster rappers mustache and rip it off his face
Win/win when we weigh options
You lose any way the dice roll homie, time to pay homage

[Hook: Verbal Kent]
Yeah, I can see the checkered flag
Make minutes stand still, checking on the second hand
Crazy how my head expand
Yeah, we did it fam'
"Nothing's gonna stop me"
Yeah, I can see the end game
Went from a wimp to a sensei
Used to play the middle like a Wednesday
Word perfect with the pen game
"Nothing's gonna stop me"

[Verse 2: Red Pill]
I put this shit on everything
I'm never settling to lesser things to better things
Never considered what they ever think
Got better things to look for
A greater good to push towards
I made a path and took mine, you made a path and took yours
But good Lord, I never thought I'd make it this far
I'd grow another piece of me for every part I discard
Every step they followed I made sure to take another route
Shoot out to Apollo and Verbal, I call 'em "brothers" now
Older I get, the less my shoulder is chipped
I know my past, so fuck your doubts, I'm getting over that shit
Confidence got me feeling like it doesn't matter where I go
I'm used to being backed into a corner man, that's where I'm home
That's where you feel alive, thrive and learn to survive
There isn't shame in finding strength when someone hurting your pride
I'm learning to control my doubt and channel it
Make it a strength
We all got demons that we battle with


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