Who Sang I Can Do No Wrong? Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson

Guilty Simpson Dice Game cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-11-6
length: 3:22
producer: Apollo Brown
vocal: Guilty Simpson
arranger: Apollo Brown
Searching all in my mind
[Guilty Simpson]
I can do no wrong
I can do no wrong

[Verse 1: Guilty Simpson]
Yo, I'm in the zone
I'm feeling like none can stop me
On the throne
I've never been a carbon copy
On my own
Tip for the hecklers that laughed hard for checking us
Just leave us alone
I'm feeling good
Today is the day I get all that I should
And all things said by me is understood
Cause everybody on the same page
Operating with the same ways
It's no stress
I used to get so depressed
What a mess I created
I thought I wouldn't make it
But I met and exceeded the expectations
Finally made it out the basement
Now I get placements
The results of patience
Now I see the t__le's for the taking
Is this vacant?
So every day I'm granted, I understand never to be complacent

I can do no wrong
I can do no wrong
Mind on alert
Eyes see clear
It's no fear
Heart beat strong
I can do no wrong
I can do no wrong
I can do no wrong

[Verse 2: Guilty Simpson]
Yeah I'm wide awake
I'm staring down the hopeless face
Of adversity but never will I break
Then I make the appropriate steps
To get me ahead so I can maintain the pace
I move like rents do
And you can see it real from the s___ we been through
Experience speaks volumes to those who try hearing it
Chill and burn something
You might learn something
It's never too late
My homie move drugs at an incredible rate
Till the judge looked him dead in the face and said my name:
Then it hit my brain
Homeboy this is not your lane
Set me straight
I had to change my path
Change my friends
Change my math
I think about it now and laugh
Yeah, it's funny now
Cause a brother gettin' money now


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