Who Sang Anotha One? Apollo Brown & O.C.

O.C. Trophies cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-5-1
length: 4:18
[Lighter clicks]
Yeah, lemme get this EZ Wider ready and s___. Roll up this nice fatty, get it ready to spark. Nah, I ain't sharing this s___ with nobody. This is for me man, I had a hard f___ing day man, f___ that

[Verse 1]
Another hard day's working that 9 to 5
Blue-collar dollars for the fam which I provide
Not a white picket fence, yet it all makes sense
To unwind from being tense, light up the incense
Choose a Guinness over 'yac
Brown suds, twist the bud, wind down, gimme a nice buzz
Few tokes, eyes closed, inhale nice and slow
Got the salad rolled, the Bambu
Electric relaxation
On Mother Nature's volume straight from the earth
Got that medicine flowing through my veins since birth
Unprescribed seeds come and go with the green
Personal use, not for sale, purchase a nice bale
Rather spend it on this than buying some c___tails
Yes indeed, the essence I breathe
Is a pleasure I crave when I light up and blaze

When it's down to the roach I light another one [x3]
Before the joint gets small as a roach I spark another one

[Verse 2]
Smoke breaks are few and far between
Recreational time when I'm (steaming?)
In the confines of my backyard
No worries to be on guard, surrounded by the fences tall
Kids in the crib, my wiz mind her own biz
Her time is her time, knowing his is his
Letting me live, it's nothing in this world like having the peace of mind
That place all peace and calm
Lounging with my feet up
White and grey shell-toe Adidas
Chilling, sweats on, the wife-beater
Mac and my laptop, slingbox connect
Watch Jeter hit a home run over the fence
That's when I rolled another doobie, ain't no puff puff pass
Every now and again I mix weed with hash
Yes indeed, the essence I breathe
Be that pleasure I crave when I light up to blaze


[Verse 3]
That THC qualifies me for a PhD
Cuz I'm hands-on when I study, blowing smoke in my study
Thick as a fog on a midsummer's night
When the weather is warm
Mi nah f___ with the bomb 'cuz it's too strong
Especially when it's Arizona Gold from Tuscon
No sticks and stems, just heavy sour
Hawaiian Eye, puff on spliffs of Maui
Blowing that bubblegum, calm, not troublesome
The weed man lovin' him
Greeting him, not mean-mugging him
Twisting pretzels minus the salt
I'm as high as a gymnast doing flips and somersaults
Tranquil as my feet in the sands of Antigua
Lifted off the kick of the stash of Sonny Chiba
Yes indeed, the essence I breathe be that pleasure I crave
When I spark and blaze


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