Who Sang Nautica? Apollo Brown & O.C.

O.C. Trophies cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-5-1
length: 3:55
[Intro - Weather Announcers]
[Static] Possible thunderstorms over the next few hours
[Static] Hurricane Irene has made landfall this morning in New York City
[Static] The weather situation is much worse
[Static] The majority of the heaviest rain...
[Static] The approximate touchdown points seems to be in the borough of Brooklyn, New York

[Verse 1]
Blowing through cities, category five
As it flows through the MIDI, I shows no pity
Hurricane winds churning up fear
Board up your houses, brace for what's here
120-mile winds with strength and gusto
Batten down the hatches, asking "what in the f___ fo'?"
Windmills signalling the eye of the storm
Touchdown, tearing s___ up, winds beyond norm
Buckets of rain pour, rip up screen doors
Monsoon weather, howling like stray dogs
Hail coming down the size of regulation baseballs
Me and Mother Nature's in a face-off
Flooding suburbs and hoods
Washing entire forests away for good, and where an empire stood
Dire consequences, reality sharp as barbed-wire fences
Flow with a vengeance

I hope y'all ready for the big beast drum
I see I gotta preach and teach to reach some
A vivid concept to reach at least one
If I touch a few and they love it my job is done

[Verse 2]
As if the levee's been breached, vehicles float
Out of parking spots sideways, blocking up the streets
Some lives get extinguished, many survive, others don't
Dead bodies bloated, weightless flesh floating
Mother Nature's ferocious, so who's to blame or be the culprit?
Deaf them against the living, I endorse them
Callahan enforcer, witch's brew, a sorceror
Water tides rise, given the nickname Nautica
Contingency plan seen overseas
Salt water smell in the air, unlike Febreze
Boil water, distill, clean to kill off disease
The earth's payback for all of God's reprieve
Trenches turn muddy, water levels rise up
Way above sea level, meet God or the devil
Thunder cause racket as of Greek gods warring
On Mount Olympus--

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3]
People are lost, far from home, Apocalypse Redux
Back to basics, carve a boat out of a tree trunk
Gloomy days need sun, from the aftermath
Of nature's fury, the songs around sounds eerie
Trans-Atlantic, travel abroad and cause panic
As a couple hundred thou just vanish
Emergency response overwhelmed with volumes of calls
Civil unrest, call in the National Guard
It's hard to gain order when the culprit is water
Knowing it change form at the drop of a quarter
Fluidity change course, admittedly I rain
Or acid wash, I'm precipitation from grey clouds
Twisters touch down, vibrating the ground, sounding like
Freight trains, for thrillseekers it's frightening
Possess the power to repeat another ice age
Head crack the earth in half like it's a dice game

[Hook] x2

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