Who Sang We The People? Apollo Brown & O.C.

O.C. Trophies cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-5-1
length: 4:11
[Verse 1]
Constitutional creeds, what you believe​
Nowadays is a different type breed​
Declaring independance on these hard knock streets​
Laws happen for us yet young'ns hold heat​
Grandmas scared to walk last week, she was robbed by a thief​
People dying over frivolous beef​
Respect is minimal​
People hold more respect for a criminal
Oblivious​, your enemy's a friend of yours​
Trust waivers, material things enslave us​
Praying to myself, God save us​
Hearts are jaded​
Sort of like juice when Raheem's mom was hung by the arms of Bishop​ listen
People have color towards each other, ridgid​
If one is down the other treat him like a peasant​
True or false the truth hard to absorb​
The proof shows look at the effects it causes​

On a mission for the people, look down​
For the warriors standing in ground​
Salute for woman and child​
We as the people must own up to our valor​
Take action against things thats pulling us down​
I'd rather die on my feet than to live on my knees​
For change and guaruntees​
The people need to take charge​
Get involved and wake up​
Or forever stay asleep​

[Verse 2]
Evil effects the hearts of men​
Even when theyre made aware, justify it and send​
There has to be a threshold you won't cross
But of course​ its mans nature no to admit when he's wrong​
I'm in that same boat trying to stay afloat​
Trying to take my own advice from the rhymes I write​
The older you get, your thoughts mature​
Jezebels lure them in cause theyre pockets all full​
AZ said it best, we l___ the 4 devils​
Most are fickle, won't lend your fam not a nickel​
People are stone cold, remember​
Everybody grows old ​
So who'll be your keeper when the time creep up​
Family bonds these days are not tight​
Selfish ways are vicious like a pitbull bite​
True or false the truth hard to absorb​
The proof shows look at the effects it causes​


[Verse 3]
People are shifty, spending time and energy​
Warranted paranoia stays with me​
Keeping my back against the wall so I can see what's going on​
For quick decision-making if I'm thinkin about it​
Misery loves company​
As opposed to seeing others doing their thing​
They talk smack about them​
Somebody shot, lying, dying on the ground​
Instead of callin 9-1-1, people just crowd around him​
The hood's paralyzed​
All across these United States eating off welfares​ healthcares
S.S.I. for the ones who can't work​
Can't work sit behind a desk grilling your whole earth​
When they work for full check themselves​, nose up in the air ​
Poppin gold with the fake hair and nails​
True or false the truth hard to absorb​
The proof shows look at the effects it causes​


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