Fool’s Paradise Lyrics - Arabesque

Arabesque Arabesque VI: Caballero cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1982
length: 3:28
producer: Wolfgang Mewes
conductor: Jean Frankfurter
vocal: Michaela Rose, Jasmin Vetter and Sandra Lauer
mixer: Fred Schreier
engineer: Klaus Wilcke
arranger: Jean Frankfurter
guitar: Mats Björklund, Johan Daansen and Nils Tuxen
keyboard: Michael Cretu and Jean Frankfurter
drums (drum set): Dicky Tarrach
bass guitar: Tissy Thiers
composer: Jean Frankfurter
lyricist: John Möring
I know a place
A most unusual place
You could believe you are in outer space
Where you can see (You can see)
Folks like you and me (You and me)
Dance themselves into an ecstasy, ecstasy

* Come on to the fool's paradise
I tell you only you won't be lonely
Night and day the music plays
You cannot hear what people say
Fool's paradise
A little hazy, a little crazy
Take my advice
Come to fool's paradise

Don't fool away a lovely day

Tonight we will do
What everyone should do
Play the fool because we're in the mood
Let's break away (Break away)
Who cares what people say (People say)
Baby love, let's do it right away, right away

* (repeat)

Don't fool away alovely day
I like a fool who plays it cool

* (repeat 2 times, fade)

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