Who Sang High Life? Arabesque

Arabesque Marigot Bay cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1980
length: 3:06
producer: Wolfgang Mewes
conductor: Jean Frankfurter
vocal: Sandra Lauer, Jasmin Vetter and Michaela Rose
mixer: Fred Schreier
engineer: Tommy Grohe, Michael Bestmann and Klaus Wilcke
arranger: Jean Frankfurter
lyricist: John Möring
composer: Jean Frankfurter
and John Moering (Lyrics)
I was poor and lonely
Till I met the only
Man that ever moved my heart
He is such a nice man
And he is wise man
For the told me from the start
"You've always been a poor girl
They call you: baby blue
But now you'll see a new world
Where life is easy
Where the good things are waiting for you"
* High life
It's like a dream to me
High life
It doesn't seem to be
My life
I'm living like a queen
Babe babe
High life
Always on holyday
High life
Dancing the night away
High life
I'm swinging, I'm swaying
Keep playing this nice melody
Parties in moonlight
Swimming in the sunlight
In a private blue lagoon
Flying to bardados
Hunting alligators
On a rainy afternoon
I've always been a poor girl
I'll never be the same
I'm living in a new world
Where everbody
Seems to say: "Life is only game"
* (Repeat 2 times)

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Once in a Blue Moon
  • 2 Jingle Jangle Joe
  • 3 High Life
  • 4 Bye, Bye My Love
  • 5 Marigot Bay
  • 6 Hey, Catch On
  • 7 Take Me Don’t Break Me
  • 8 Parties in a Penthouse
  • 9 Hey What a Magic Night
  • 10 The Only Night Was a Lonely Night