Who Sang You Win, Hands Down? Arabesque

Arabesque Arabesque IV cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1980
Genre: Electronic Pop
Style: Disco
length: 2:59
producer: Wolfgang Mewes
conductor: Jean Frankfurter
mixer: Fred Schreier
engineer: Klaus-Dieter Gebauer, Michael Bestmann and Klaus Wilcke
arranger: Jean Frankfurter
composer: Jean Frankfurter
lyricist: John Möring
Don't you see you got a silk pie
And now then nice you giving me eye
And got that yes it's only a jest
To getyour chick who's dancing on a trick

What a jelly story
Quite so and on
No one seems to love you
But you go like you
High for altitude

You win can't stop
Once you're free
And kissing is free
You win can't stop
True for it for you love all night long

You're having me airight
Then you have to tight
We're gonna see tonight
And well and now

You say let's go
To a bar I know
I say OK
And that's anyway
You qive a wink
To mix me a drink
I can't recall
If I had it and fail
Everything was hazy
Laying in your arms
I am weak and lazy
Saw a man like you
And for ever it is


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