Who Sang War of the Genii? Arallu

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Genre: Rock
Style: Black Metal
Days of darkness come
The new war is here
The war of the black -

Souls !!!

One servant of evil lord
We see flames in our eyes
End of generation
On the walls of Jerusalem !

"Arallu - open the gates !!!"

We take the knife of satan
Kill betrayers, religions of all
We rule this time, it's a new age
Standing before the truth.
God lying between the dead
Demonized conqueror
will start the war.

Where is your god ?
Or maybe he's dead ?

Screams, in fire souls are burning
I was here before.

This is the war of the "Genii"

"The massacre on the walls
And Jerusalem will be in
Kill the obsessions of god !!!

  • 1 The Sons of Darkness
  • 2 Jewish Devil
  • 3 Religions Are Dead
  • 4 Arallu's Rage
  • 5 Evil Has No Boundaries
  • 6 The Butchered Attacks Again
  • 7 Jerusalem Gates
  • 8 War of the Genii
  • 9 King of Bloodcave
  • 10 Mesopotamia Story

  • Release information
    script: Latin