Who Sang Ouch!? Arizona Baby

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length: 4:06
Ouch! Is what you say when
somethings hits your toe
When you don't have
enough songs for the show
When you have lost
the touch to spot your foe
Just an "ouch", that's what you got
Ouch! Them b******s don't know
what you're going through
They'd never accept
what they are givin to you
Get eight from your ten
while you have to live on two
I'd say "ouch", if I were you
When living in a place
Means that you think something
That you don't believe in
And you hate to have to support

Just an "ouch",
that's what you got
Just an "ouch",
that's what you got
Ouch! The classics were betrayed
by their own songs
New generations
juggling with their bones
No regrets for a single
crime they've done
Just an "ouch", what else we got?

CD 1
  • 1 Shiralee
  • 2 The truth
  • 3 Ouch!
  • 4 Runaway
  • 5 A tale of the West
  • 6 Ballad of A.
  • 7 Getaway
  • 8 Dirge
  • 9 Muddy River
  • 10 X'ed out

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    format: CD
    script: Latin