Who Sang Tempest? Arsonists Get All the Girls

Arsonists Get All the Girls Motherland cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-5-17
length: 5:43
I stutter as the world outside me
came to our doorstep in the rain
harbored though violence
the sky holds contempt for me with snarled up
suppressed yourself
suppression is the only answer
to times like this
so the rain came crashing down
with revenge in its gaze unlike
something i have seen before
and i felt a friction in the air begin to rise
atmosphere berates my courage through
thick and thin it made no difference to it
at times i wish for the lucid dreams
but receive no less than ignorance
i, i ventured out to what seems apocalypse
a step forward reveals
an exponential makeshift of panic
they sky bleeds a disgrace upon all patrons
and we look upwards in distress
and we look upwards in distress
and the rain sank like daggers
into the earth
my hair lifts and my skin dances on edge
my pupils dialate to distance
because the sources
introduced itself in cursive horror,
my consciousness convulsed merciless
It's merciless
it personified me
it personified me so perfectly
blank is the word
for portrait i see
and its difference is likely visionary
to what we've ever looked for
and what we've ever found
i have been sent into a working machine again
a glance at the wretched
sends me
sends me into a place i haven't
been in years
a place without fear.

CD 1
  • 1 Rise to Fall
  • 2 Neck of the Contrast
  • 3 Gooseknuckle
  • 4 It Was a Memoir
  • 5 Dr. Teeth
  • 6 Avdotya
  • 7 Waiting for the War to Die
  • 8 West Cliffs
  • 9 Hemlock Like This
  • 10 Woebegone
  • 11 Our Super Symmetry
  • 12 Will Someone Please Turn Down the Ocean
  • 13 Tempest