Booshduckdow Lyrics - Assorted Jelly Beans

Release information
Release Date: 1998-9
length: 2:33
I had this crazy dream one night, where everything just wasn't right, monsters, demons, running screaming I was searching for the light
Darkness, imprisoning me, all I saw absolute, monsters then riot came a terrifying beast


I was in the Jungle baby and I thought I was gonna die, it has cool things like cool creatures of the kind, no time to see them before I even knew the creatures shadow
Scared of what they had in store I ran for the door, but the door was locked the dream wouldn't stop, I could see no more what do I do, I know that I'll take them out with the secret of Kung fu HA

I had this crazy dream one night and everything just wasn't right, these demons are going to get me never gonna let me sleep, gonna get eaten alive by this evil villain creep, scratching on the walls, evil lurking in the halls, never gonna make it, can't escape it


I tried to get away, like running through jello, I couldn't move, getting closer, was this fellow, who represented evil, I tried to scream, I couldn't talk, I couldn't see Booshduckdow coming now, taking fear, bring it here.

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  • 6 Booshduckdow
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