Entry Level Positions Lyrics - Assorted Jelly Beans

Release information
Release Date: 1998-9
length: 2:18
Some people are all the same cause routine lines they never change, it looks like you need a break, you better get up don't want to be late

Get back to work

Get back in line they say and there's nothing you can do, you'll be lucky to keep your soul, when we get through with you
There's too much pressure in my head I wanna freak out, I hate my boss, I hate my job, I wanna scream and shout

Driving down the 91 son is no fun, now its time to work again there's nothing you can do, cause when you quit you don't get s___ there's 20 more like you
Now its time to work again there's nothing you can do, if you don't get that raise how will you pay your rent, pay your rent.

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CD 1
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  • 2 Wiggerside
  • 3 The Rhythm
  • 4 Juttered
  • 5 Loadie Mission
  • 6 Booshduckdow
  • 7 Rebel Yell
  • 8 Entry Level Positions
  • 9 Dead Neighbors
  • 10 Parents
  • 11 I'm Out
  • 12 Instrumental
  • 13 3 Chords
  • 14 Loadie Mission (reprise)