Who Sang Parents? Assorted Jelly Beans

Release information
Release Date: 1998-9
length: 3:10
When this all began, our parents couldn't understand, didn't want to listen to their demands, tried to explain this is all we know, don't want to be a part of your, silly freak show!

We suggest, do what you like, even if you have to, put up a fight, getting lost along the way, along the way, even though in the end it works out right
Don't want to be a part of your freak show, just want to live my life so let me go, don't want to be a part of your freak show.

CD 1
  • 1 Contordations
  • 2 Wiggerside
  • 3 The Rhythm
  • 4 Juttered
  • 5 Loadie Mission
  • 6 Booshduckdow
  • 7 Rebel Yell
  • 8 Entry Level Positions
  • 9 Dead Neighbors
  • 10 Parents
  • 11 I'm Out
  • 12 Instrumental
  • 13 3 Chords
  • 14 Loadie Mission (reprise)