Who Sang The Unfortunate Affairs of Mary and Earl? Astronautalis

Release information
Release Date: 2006-11
length: 3:08

The wind blows and binds our bones together
All dressed up in piano wire, love notes, and feathers
A slow drift, drag up, lift, we float to heaven
Far below our homes glow just like dozing embers
I don't care what you thought he would say
There's no surprises left except death livin' in this modern age
And planes still fly, tug boats float despite their weight
Seems like luck would've cashed his chips and walked away

You say everything you've been, you taught us to live
And if you tell them all the gravity's with protestant kids
I could believe it wasn't me, I couldn't murder my friends
I lost my (?)
So scrape all the change you've collected from dressers and desks
And pack your pockets full of food until you stretch seams to split
Tie your silken sheets together, hang them fast from the bed
And meet me in the car parked outside of the fence

I've got an autoreverse tape deck
A bagful of cassettes
A pack of cigarettes
Let's leave tonight
(Seems like we will never win)

Brain is just your heart on fire
Something that you thought was love
Was just a (?)
Won't you fall asleep with me?
Untie your hair then I'll just be
The whisper in your ear to shape your dreams
To shape your dreams
Seems like we will never win

Every second that we second-guess
Is like we're taking backwards steps
The rain is falling in reverse
Your skin is sliding back to bed
The sun is rising to the west
And the flourishes on your family crest
Are sneaking in to rape again and strangle life right out your chest
And I'll never know what's best
Like the rest is made of lies
Perfectly dressed up in disguises, wisdom and sage advice
And I can't tell you how to live your life
Hold your hand from here
But I can hear them drawing near and I am tired, I am scared

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 These Are the Best Days of Your Life
  • 2 That’s What Makes the Jukebox Play
  • 3 The Unfortunate Affairs of Mary and Earl
  • 4 Some Things Will Never Change
  • 5 Ocean Walk
  • 6 Warning Whistle
  • 7 Another Away We Go
  • 8 My Friend Scott
  • 9 Hank Williams' Liver
  • 10 No Invention Fate
  • 11 Chaos Runs the Factory
  • 12 Burial Cloth Lodge
  • 13 Walmart Is Satan