Atomic Kitten - Holiday Lyrics

writers: Alf J Klimek, Andreas Ruszczynski, Jayney Klimek, Johhny Klimek, Stephan Gottwald, Uwe Hoffman
release date: 2001-1-29
genres: Electronic Pop
styles: Europop/Ballad
length: 3:15
producer: Engine
mixer: Simon Gogerly
engineer: Pat O'Shaughnessy
Holiday hey hey oh away hey
Now we've been working should be playing hard
Out in the sun and the sea
Not in our own back yard
I want to see us in the paradise
Yeah with the heat turned up
And pour the drinks on ice

What do you say? (what do you say?)
We're leaving to day
We're going on a holiday hey hey
We're gonna get away (get away)
We're going on a holiday hey hey
We're gonna row away hey

Hooked up the town where the drinks are free
Yeah there'll be a boy for you
And Two or Three for me (oh yeah)
I want to see us staying up all night
And then sleep on the beach
Oh lessons Mr. Right (you know it)

[Chorus: x3]

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Whole Again
  • 2 Holiday
  • 3 Whole Again (Whirlwind mix)