Who Sang What Do You Want?? Attica Blues

Release information
Release Date: 2002-1-22
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Abstract/Acid Jazz/Downtempo/Hip Hop
length: 4:10
Know you as a jet black angel
Watching over me like cctv
24/7 you see everything
365 and i'm no mastermind

Dealt with mood swings mad behavior
Controlling me like you own me
Feels like it's your world i just live here
365 and it's bad comprimise

I want to know X2

Am i what you want or am i what you need X2

Patience wearing sent to test me
Pressure building mercury rising
Feels close to overload, feels close to overload

I want to know X2
I wanna know

Am i what you want or am i what you need X4

What do you want X2
Am I what you want X2

  • 1 Test. Don't Test
  • 2 Deeper
  • 3 What Do You Want?
  • 4 It's Not Enough
  • 5 Mangled
  • 6 The Man
  • 7 Just an Avenue
  • 8 Page One
  • 9 Now You Know
  • 10 Talk to Me
  • 11 Re:Cycled
  • 12 The Quest
  • 13 Look at Yourself
  • 14 Security