Who Sang Show Me the Way? Audiovision

Audiovision The Calling cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-12-22
length: 3:48
producer: Lars Chriss
membranophone: Thomas Broman
lead vocals: Christian Liljegren
mixer: Lars Chriss
engineer: Lars Chriss
recording engineer: Lars Chriss
background vocals: Thomas Vikström
keyboard: Andreas Lindahl
bass guitar: Mikael Höglund
guitar: Lars Chriss and Mattias IA Eklundh
lyricist: Christian Liljegren
composer: Tommy Denander, Lars Chriss
You are the virus
You poison my mind
You're working hard to holding me down
Once I was blind But now I can see
You are the worm that crawls around my soul
Your illusion is driving me blind
Get away today
Your race is done
Into the fire I'm riding the storm
Lord give me strength

Show me the way
Back to the light
Teach me now
What is wrong and what's right
The voice of my heart
Calling on you
Calling you
You are the devil in perfect disguise
You are the dark side that makes me feel sad
Happy to say your race is done

CD 1
  • 1 The Calling
  • 2 The King Is Alive
  • 3 Evil or Divine
  • 4 The Rock of My Soul
  • 5 Read Between the Lines
  • 6 Face to Face
  • 7 Show Me the Way
  • 8 Love Is Like Oxygen
  • 9 Hold Me
  • 10 Colors
  • 11 Power From the Sky