Who Sang Last Words? Austin Lounge Lizards

Release information
Release Date: 1998-2-17
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
length: 3:42

The curtain of darkness is fallin?
And my friends are all here at my side
Are those the sweet voices of angels
As I rise on that heavenly tide?

All hearts overflowin? with sadness
And those words left so often unsaid
Then I could hear a voice whispering softly
?Could I have all your stuff when your dead??

?Could I have your TV and your pickup?
And I?ve always admired your shoes
Could I have that old dining room table?
And there?s a couple of chairs I could use.?

?Well, you know that you?re headed to glory
And like a star, up to heaven you?ll shoot
When they write the last page of your story
Could I try on that seersucker suit??

It was the voice of my dear brother Thomas
He was kneelin? down close by my side
His breath had just come from a funeral
For a mouth full of teeth that had died

Well, I prayed my last prayer for salvation
I was feelin? the touch of God?s hand
But I could still hear the voice of my brother
As they struck up that old angel band

?Could I have your old ski boots and surf board?
And maybe that four-poster bed?
Would you mind if I took a few records?
Just Nirvana, The Stones, and the Dead.?

Well, you know that you can?t take it with you
To your heavenly home up on high
When you pass through those gates, and they had you your wings
Could I have all your stuff when you die?

But the angels consulted St. Peter
And flew me back to my hospital bed
My life was a new day a-dawning
And the angels took Tommy instead

CD 1
  • 1 Stupid Texas Song
  • 2 Hey, Little Minivan
  • 3 The Dogs, They Really Miss You
  • 4 Rocky Byways
  • 5 Last Words
  • 6 Monkey on My Back
  • 7 Flatnose, the Tree-Climbing Dog
  • 8 Love in a Refrigerator Box
  • 9 La Cacahuate
  • 10 Trailways of Tears
  • 11 Leonard Cohen's Day Job
  • 12 Momma Don't Allow
  • 13 The Other Shore