Who Sang Leveled? Avail

Avail One Wrench cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000-6-20
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Punk
length: 2:23
I know that time's up and they're lined up,new breath-new scent,new union-dependence
I've been meaning to ask you:'Have you learned from the days gone past?'
'cause I'm far from confused,waiting to conclude,you have been my last.
black mountain retreat-truly beat- no breath-no sense- no union- independence
It's a bitter taste,this far from sane,but the rails still click
and at the river the air is thick,and I still despise greed,you're right about me,I follow my conscience,fight what I see as wrong...friends have come but gone...you still mean the world to me as you move along
there's something I've been meaning to say
I'm gonna miss you,I'm gonna miss you,you aged me well...it may not mean much with cold dry eyes. I tried.

CD 1
  • 1 “Fast One”
  • 2 Taken
  • 3 N30
  • 4 Leveled
  • 5 “New Song”
  • 6 High Lonesome
  • 7 Invisible
  • 8 Union
  • 9 Heron
  • 10 Rest
  • 11 “C.Days”
  • 12 Bell
  • 13 Leather
  • 14 Old Dominion