Who Sang Tempest? Awaken Demons

Awaken Demons Awaken Demons cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-3-23
length: 3:27
Take me into the shades of your dreams
Don't be afraid of the past
It's always hard to find a way
No time to forget
And no time to remeber
No more time for regrets
The storm has begun
Hold my hand
Stay with me on waves, this will be my promise
I will never betry this, i will never betray you
Dancing through the oceans
Screaming to the thunder
I'll always hold you and whisper i love you
This is a promise to myself
It's what i believe
Cast a glance to my face
You know it's true
Embrace me on this romance
And close your eyes
Embrace me on this nightmare
And smile with me
My heart for you
Facing the blue
This is why i always remeber
Our first glance
Embrace me inside this nightmare
Together, forever

CD 1
  • 1 Foregone
  • 2 Sharks
  • 3 Disease
  • 4 Under The Glass
  • 5 Me, Against The Machine
  • 6 Phoenix
  • 7 Isolation
  • 8 Tempest
  • 9 Take The Crown
  • 10 Breach The Sky
  • 11 Under The Glass (Remix)