Who Sang Spring Training? Awar & Vanderslice

Vanderslice The Winning Team cover art
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Release Date: 2014-7-22
length: 2:30
Huh, it's gonna be a good season, man
Comin' back around

Pledge of allegiance, this is comeback season
Kissed the Jesus pieces, you're the last ones breathin'
After beatin' the daemons who won that undefeated
The main Tucka Free become the one they believe in
Because you give 'em a reason, put they ass in the seats and
Classic polices and regret is on the week-end
Aspirin' on the team, peekin' behind Venetian blinds
When you NVPB, reminded the sweets of eyes
Attendance increasing and I'm frequently fly
Immaculate vision, y'all is like the blind leadin' the blind
We realign the spines, need a chiropractor to fix it
Blue chip, draft kick, bitch sack twisted
Lord is my witness, to keep track of my statistics
And the fame make some people ? act different
When you stackin' riches under pissy matrices
And the task quilted, it's all actors and actresses
White clean that name if ya really crack whippin'
It's bad business, labels is crackin' whippin'
The slave masters, they own the masters to your hitsmen
And if you don't have any repo fin' to snatch you quif, damn
Sippin' on this cognac, couple Hennessy on ice
Scribble on my notepad until the energy is right
Stir the ingredients until the chemistry is tight
Good music, company in trees, necessity's a life
Alchemy the recipe, everything we touch produces gold
Found the loopholes, but who knows what the future holds?
Groupie hoes like Medusa, the Whadus(?) hit a stone
But I keep my eyes on the prize, this is my superbowl
My sanctuary the studio, the only truth I know
More suitable than the cubical, I'm built to thrive
And the industry designed to kill a militant mind
I hit the killswitch, that's my will to survive

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Winning Team Intro
  • 2 Spring Training
  • 3 Rotten Apple
  • 4 Orange Boxcutter 2
  • 5 Broad Daylight
  • 6 Wake Up Call
  • 7 Hustlers Spirit
  • 8 We Belong to the City
  • 9 Cadillac Grills
  • 10 Cloud 9
  • 11 Ready for the World
  • 12 Reincarnation
  • 13 Another One
  • 14 High Grade
  • 15 Nothin' Left to Say
  • 16 The Winning Team
  • 17 Gorilla Warfare

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    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin