Who Sang Gently Crash? Away From Here

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length: 4:10
Sift through the wreckage now (now!)
Searching for what I found
Searching for that jewel now (now!)
It's so hard
It's so hard
It's that needle in the haystack
It's that hint of nothing
That kept me searching now (now!)

I've wrote this line one thousand times
I'll write it again to gain sincerity
This song is for me but for you to hear
And You dont need my reassurance
So what is sincerity?
And You don't need my reassurance
So cumbersome but your the cure

So I'm waiting
For that tap on my window
To lift me out
Of this wreckage
You might need the
The jaws of life tonight
But believe you me
This will work out right
And I think that it's ok
That this distance is punding me now (now!)
Because the drive is well
It is well worth it now (now!)
And when I get into that car crash
You'll be at the accident scene
Jaws of life
Your the jewel
Pull me out

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    script: Latin