Who Sang One More Day? AXPI

AXPI Along the Bitter Ways of God cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-6-14
length: 3:18
One More Day...
...We know hard times appeared in a winter eve, dark moments we didn't need.
For all those times when I named myself a Guilty Man, I apologize for the mistakes, evil actions and faults.
Would you hold the eyes again? When desolation steals the breath. Will it be there like in old times or will we fail again one more day? We know that skies sometimes can turn into fire storms and winds may be confused with fear,
I'm leaving all lights on, so you can step in to the dark without felling alone
I guess we were young, stupid and numb. Pretend that nothing happened, it should stay alive so, do not run far away. Hold my hand.

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