Who Sang Bedtime Story? AZ

AZ A.W.O.L. cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-9-6
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
length: 2:12
producer: Baby Paul
vocal: AZ
Amar, Amar, c'mon
(Yeah Dad, what?)
Hope you did your homework already
(I did that already, c'mon Dad)
Nah, it's time to go to
(C'mon listen)
What happened?
(I was at school today I said AZ's my daddy, they said, "Jay-Z? Nas?")
What, what?
(Tell me the story again?)
Okay, okay
Aight, this is how it went down, here we go

We talkin' a few years before you even appeared
I was into my little gear
Yeah, weed and my beer
Hustlin' out of fear, fear of bein' a square
Like them cowards with no gear
They just breathin' the air
Son, clear, but didn't realize life ain't fair
With one drive-by, it could end your life right there
Though I'm a fly guy, from then, tied my Nikes, like chea
**** the world we can fight right here, I don't scare
From beer, no more nightmares here, not a tear
I was straighter than the white man's hair
Met Nasir, had that hype that year
Like a kite, threw me a mic
I took flight right there, chea
Rap wise I was nice I swear
Went fool with the jewels, even iced my ears
New school, I was cool, wore righteous wears
But from the door they didn't like that there, I ain't care
As long as I left the china white right there
And understood that you could change a life through prayer
But it's all good, police even politely stared
It was unreal, but still now it feels slightly weird
I was spared, gave love, taught my peers
Though it was rough, never gave up, fought my fears
Now it's like "what?"
I'm G'ed up, awesome glare
Entertainer from the streets with a sportsman's flair

There, that's good enough for you?
(Dad, Dad, what's "G'ed up?")
Listen man, don't worry about that now, just go to sleep
(Okay, okay)
I'll tell you that later on but you know what?
(What, what what?)
I got one more quick story to tell you
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Maybe you could take this story, and tell your friends at school this one:

Here we go!
Out the gate, he who hate himself ain't straight
He a snake, he the type who send himself upstate
Catch a case for a plate
He ain't have to take, he coulda
Played it safe, said his grace and ate
But it's fate, when a person makes certain mistakes
What a waste, how the world

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  • Release information
    label: Fastlife
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 184831000290
    script: Latin