Issues Lyrics - Aztec Jade

Release information
Release Date: 2002-2-11
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
length: 6:50

What's this world fighting for
Ideals or something more
Free speech was jeopardized
Now that we're urbanized

Oh, no, I won't show complacency
Speak out, it's about equality
Mandates integrate sex, color, creed
Black, white, embrace what's right
Sometimes hatred isn't the issue

Affirmative action
Obsolete practice
Criminal tactics
Help out no one

Zealots tout their civil rights
Spreading their spite
Hollywood formulates
Tensions escalate

Hope for a brighter day
Illuminate the gray

I realize not all mankind
Choose to be "color blind"
That's the way it should be
In society

Legal litigations
Racist allegations
Defense of prejudice
Shouldn't prove innocence

Better ways of yesterday regretfully are gone
Politically correct is now en vogue to be
Finding out that turnabout isn't fair play
You're free to choose a point of view
But that's the issue

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