Who Sang Compton & Watts? B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta

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Release Date: 1995-8-15
length: 4:22
Hahaha, this is 4 all you fools dat don't know what's up yet...

I come ruff, I come real ruff
And get 'nuff stuff.
Demolition bustas, leave 'em like suckas.
I'ma b______ not an actor,
b____ attractor, momma was my daddy
Because daddy wasn't a factor.
Back on the block: Compton & Watts
Could smoke rocks together
[B.G. overlappin] Compton & Long Beach together?
n____, never! Ever got along
It's the same song I'm singin
When I'm bringin the deal
You gotta respect how I feel - it's real.
I chill wit my homies and have a ball,
If you can't speak the truth, n____, don't speak at all, n____

[Chorus x4]
Compton & Watts gets much props back
On the block, pop the glock cuz we can't stopÂ…can't stop

It's time 4 the phony and the fakes to devour
And separate the real deal n____s from the cowards.
Never respect a n____ dat's tryin to be somebody else
I could respect a n____ mo' dat's tryna rap and be yourself.
You gotta speak what you feel and what you been thru
You never seen cell but speak [dat you been to]
You think you get respect if you lies dat you did time
Wit everybody around you already know you never did crime
See, I did mine but I don't think it makes me bigga
Cuz I figure in or outta jail - I'm still a real m_________in n____.

[Chorus x4]
Compton & Watts [x6]
[Chorus x3]

A product of the projects
When I flex or wrecks the set.
And brothas checkin they hoes
Because they breakin they necks
To tryna see: the D, the R, the E, the S-T-A STA, Dre'sta
The Westside Compton Gangsta
I keep my homie wit me everytime I'm drivin
Not talkin 'bout my n____, homie, I'm talking 'bout fo-5-in
Strivin to be the best dat I can be
But it's kinda f___ed up in the CPT.
Tryna move up but something tryna hold ya back.
Police jack 4 crack, n____s jack 4 lack
Watch yo back! This f___ed up while all this getting worse.
Every other day, another n____ and another hearse.
Pop, pop goes the glock cuz we can't be stopped.
Much props to Compton & WattsÂ…

[Chorus x9]
CPT & Watts [x4]
[Chorus x4]

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    label: Def Jam Music, Inc.
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 731452789921
    script: Latin