Who Sang D.P.G./K? B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta

Dresta Real Brothas cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-8-15
length: 3:55
[Intro: B.G. Knocc Out]
"Haha, yeah. Orginal baby gangsta's in this, m_________er, ha. With the D-R-m_________in'-E, hu. In a ... what we gonna do right now?"
(Dog catchers about to get ya)
"We serve these marks from the Dogg Pound, killa. Check it out."
(Dog catchers about to get ya)

[Verse 1]

Easily I approach the microphone because I ain't no joke
n____ tell Kurupt, Nate and Daz I'mma buck 'em
Matter of fact tell that whole Pound I say f___ 'em
It's a new year so put the bustas in their plizace
B.G. Knocc, Gangsta Dresta bring it to your fizace
Ryders on a mission
I catch you slippin'
You gettin' struck clown
So f___ any busta down with the Mutt Pound

[B.G. Knocc Out]
It's the Compton City G, n____
Bow to your knees, n____
Run up in your hood c___ back my strap and pull the trees, n____
And if you slippin', you know I'm gonna wet ya
I'm the baby boss hog, better known as the Dogg catcher
Bow wow, yippee yay, did you hear me say
I'm a Dogg killa, cause all Doggs have they day
Now don't run up on me, if you ain't prepared to fight
Little Knocc Out can't be phased, baby gangsta for life

[Hook x2]
Dat n____ Daz
Dr. Dre
Mark a__ n____s
Snoop Dogg
Nate Dogg
Tha Dogg Pound
f___, f___ all y'all, n____s

[Verse 2]

I bring the noise everytime a n____ wind me up
I pull my nine and blow a mind, everytime I bust 'em
I trust no man and that's from now until infinity
n____ you either my homie or just consider yourself my enemy
n____s out here fake dog, like Nate Dogg
I swear you made it, but talkin' that s___ to Dre
Will get you and your DJ regulated
b____es come a dime a sack, so let's get it straight
A fake is what I hate, so f___ Kurupt, Daz and Nate

[B.G. Knocc Out]
m_________in' fake
n____s be thinkin' that they can get with the real deal
What I would do if I was you is take a chill pill
Yet and still tricks, I gave your click a pass
But when I see that busta Daz
I gotta bank his a__
Smash, down another puppy pound clown
With the round from my smith
And watch his body shift
Drift his soul in the wind as they carry you
And B.G. K-O can dig your hole before they bury you

[Bridge X2]
(Pranksters, studio gangstas, bustas)
(Softer than a b____ but portrayed the role of gangsta)
(Pranksters, studio gangstas, bustas)
Stupid m_________er
(Yeah, that's what I'm sayin')

[Verse 3]

[B.G. Knocc Out]
So now you n____s know who in the f___ you f___in' with
B-G and D-R-E, n____, the baby gangsta clique
As we did some gangsta s___
From a real G's perspective
n____s get all like pumped
While I stay calm and collective
I check those suckas
They callin' self and causin' ruckus
'94 set claimin', Snoop, D-O bangin bustas

Much love to the B-G, C-P-T
Much love to the D-R-E, O-B-G
Much love to the Eazy-E, C-P-T
And D-P-G don't wanna see us, see see

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  • Release information
    label: Def Jam Music, Inc.
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 731452789921
    script: Latin