Who Sang Do or Die? B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta

Dresta Real Brothas cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1995-8-15
length: 4:58
haha ha ha yeah...you n____s aint known
haha bg knock out on a motha f___en mission
haha ha puttin marcs in check..cause bustas get no respect
ha ha ha yeah its the big bad west side mad a__ compton

1st verse
early afternoon as i starts my day,
with a fat a__ jay and a bottle of alizay,
? to the turf and as i roll up the block, see my n____s in dey cut
with dey glocks c___ed, ready to fill a n____s cap
cause in the wicked west side its some layd back,
i gots to watch my back cause n____s kno my face,
so a packs a 9 double m just to stay safe,
when im rollin or just dippin through traffic,
i sucka stare mes down im gonna let his a__ have it,
wit de automatic, and keep dippen lane ta lane,
as i throw up the n for tha west side gang,
n____ it aint no future and you fronten or you faken
and youngsters like me just dont give up nuthin,
so untill ya mother f___ers recognize,
this is big bad west side n____ do or die

chorus X4
never will i run never will i hide
this is big bad west side n____ do or die

2nd verse
steady bangin, steady slangin, steady hagin
wit my n____z still maintainen\
like a loc inhalin doja smoke,
and as long as i keep jacken ima never go broke,
ill fall ill shorter than a migit on knees
while all these marc n____s rollin around on d's
please, i gots to get mine, and way i can,
wit dis gat in my hand i will come up with the master plan

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