Who Sang Freedom? B.G. Knocc Out

Release information
Release Date: 2011
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta

- Yo Knocc Out get the fuck up
- What?
- The warden wants to see your ass
- What the fuck the warden want with me?
- You fucked up, you deal with it
- Fuck him, fuck you too
- Fuck me huh?
- That’s what I said
- Fuck me fuck you muthafucka, I’ll put you ass in the box
- Like I give a fuck, I’ve been here for 10 years, don’t give a fuck about the box
- I show you punk ass muthafucka
- Ya alright, bring your ass in my cell!

Freedom...everybody want some […]

Look, I am CC, son
Straight outta Compton, CC is where I’m from
We keep it poppin’ and the city getting […]
And that’s why I never leave the pad without packing the gun
Gotta keep that thang on me
Hit the corner, little niggas try to bang on me
I gotta say around here ain’t the same, homie
They will never talk this […] that’s a shame, homie
But that’s life
Young girls getting piped down
That’s the type of shit that’s going on right now
[…] on to pay the price now
But was born ready, fuck waitin’ we should fight now
I want my freedom

Don’t wanna die gotta face my fears
Always tried not to cry, but can’t escape the tears
Lord knows that I wanna get away from here
But for now abuses gotta take him here
I can’t shake it
They say life is what you make it […]
But I spent my whole life try to make it […]
Every opportunity I’mma take it […]
And when I throw my mic try to shape it […]
It’s real talk
All my people gotta do the same
Don’t allow society to hold you in chains
It’s abuse so you only have you to blame
And don’t be reaction every homie use your brain
It’s God givin’
He created you for a purpose
You only get one shot gotta make it worth it
[…] to think you deserve it
You was placed right here for you to do a service
Let’s get your freedom

Where I’m from the killer season will never change
The white man he has put a price on everything
Got Obama ’cause we wanted a better change
But wherever I look it all remains the same
Lord help us, better never fuck […]
Had the whole city piled up and wonder […]
[…] to mean her
So I’m looking for Lady Liberty have you seen her?
A cold bitch, put my people in a cold […]
And you wonder why we run around hopeless
Yet we tried, but it’s easy to lose focus
Built this nation but why are we the brokest?
It’s all our plan
Iraq now they wanna go attack I ran
Even general Kadafi tried to take a stand
To get your freedom

CD 1
  • 1 I Rep
  • 2 N My Prime
  • 3 Compton
  • 4 Knocc Em Off
  • 5 Top Of The World
  • 6 Nothin'
  • 7 Protect Me From My Friends
  • 8 Menace
  • 9 Monsta
  • 10 Sag Low
  • 11 West West
  • 12 Freedom
  • 13 Carried By 6
  • 14 It's All Good
  • 15 Can't Chase You
  • 16 All Day

  • Release information
    label: Cycadelic Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 224367674418
    script: Latin