Who Sang Peace? Baaba Maal

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Release Date: 2016-1-15
length: 6:26

[Verse 1]
It holds the fear of the awakening
Of its shivering shores breaking
Like those in the Middle Eastern
Will you take it?
Will you take this without question?
Fall in line with the poet
The - the - the press
The - the - the - the - the - the - the - the politician
Remember how we forgot about Vietnam, Afghanistan
Will you fall to stand for a dream you haven’t seen?
I’m afraid you will
You haven’t taken a pill
And you are totally stunned on war


[Verse 2]
Let there be peace
The world is like a mirror; frown at it, and it frowns at you
And skeletons foxtrot from cupboards
So war correspondents become travel show presenters
And magpies bring back lost property
Children, engagement rings and broken things
Let there be peace
So storms can go out to see to be angry
And return to me calm
So the broken can rise and dance in hospitals
And let the aged Ethiopian man
In the grey block of flacks
Peer through his window
And see others before him
So, his thrilled outstretched arms
Become veins for his dreams
Let there be peace

[Verse 3]
And let tears evaporate to form clouds
Condenses, and fall into reservoirs, drinking the water
And let harsh memories burst into fireworks
That melt in the dark pupils of a child’s eyes and disappear
Let shores of diamonds, silver vision
Let the waves reach the shore, wither


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  • 1 Fulani Rock
  • 2 Gilli Men
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  • 4 Kalaajo
  • 5 Lampenda
  • 6 Traveller
  • 7 Jam Jam
  • 8 War
  • 9 Peace

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    label: Palm Recordings
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin