Who Sang ....It’s a Moral Issue? Baader Meinhof

Baader Meinhof Baader Meinhof cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-9-9
Genre: Rock
Style: Brit Pop/Alternative Rock
length: 3:25
writer: Luke Haines
Oh Keith you do my head in
but I'm glad you're around
'cos it's a moral issue
and you're on higher ground
some might say you're a parasite
doing business for the state
My American friend
went and made you cry
- now he's passed away
Oh Jackie girl, Jackie girl

Gary is a witness
but I'll swear he's made of sand
they put him in a time machine
told him where to land

Someone had a bright idea
but it did not adhere
Colindale is now a Police College
I was born 20 miles from there....

CD 1
  • 1 Baader Meinhof
  • 2 Meet Me at the Airport
  • 3 There’s Gonna Be an Accident
  • 4 Mogadishu
  • 5 Theme From “Burn Warehouse Burn”
  • 6 GSG-29
  • 7 ....It’s a Moral Issue
  • 8 Back on the Farm
  • 9 Kill Ramirez
  • 10 Baader Meinhof