Who Sang Raid!? Baby Dayliner

Baby Dayliner High Heart & Low Estate cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-3-16
length: 4:29


Right smack in the depth of your soul you'll find a core the purity of which is begging to start you from the front BANG the gun goes off, the run is weak, and you barely left your seat
Meanwhile, these iniquities are knocking on your doors

So, make a date with a trainer who will teach you to box your way out of nowhere
Find a place with a tiger that will frighten you into fearing fearing
However you do it, make sure that you travel light years away from here and
Come back full circle and prove to me you've learned something outside of your shortcomings

Can't stand to wait the wait
Force yourself to get undressed
Be naked and a tad irate
Solutions to your hopelessness
Motion and no luxury
Taking only what you need
Appropriately hungry
Loosen these shackles and be freed

Get your S__t, be out the door, it's evermore, be down with it
Be on a truck, be on a train, be on a plane, and run amuck
Your nerve has won, and fear has none, and fear noone
And get the hell on

Fun, funny, it's funny -a raid on your heart
Fun, funny, it's funny -a raid on your soul
Run, running, running away out of the mire
Right out of the freezing and into the fire

Digital Media 1
  • 1 Raid!
  • 2 Hoodlums in the Hit Parade
  • 3 Party Scenes
  • 4 Madeline
  • 5 Beat Downs
  • 6 High Heart & Low Estate
  • 7 Can't Believe
  • 8 Lullabies
  • 9 Dead Ladies
  • 10 I'll Be Your Counterpart
  • 11 Funeral Dirge
  • 12 Shah With That

  • Release information
    label: Brassland Records
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin