Who Sang Brooke and the Sandman? Baby Lemonade

Release information
Release Date: 1996-6-25
Genre: Rock
Style: Power Pop
length: 5:57

The lights are out again
And they'll shock you now and then
But maybe if i'm lucky
You'll be back before it's ten
I make you feel at home
I can't stand it here alone
Being safe depends
On the day that never ends
It's the lonely sunshine
I pass through hours of light
'cause i won't get sleep tonight
Unless Brooke and the Sandman
Make sure everything's alright
It's the lonely sunshine
When it comes i will fall down
With you near, i will always be around
Let me tell you something, about the way i am
I just need a helping hand, i'm sleepy as i can
It's not that i'm too helpless
It's not like i'm a child
But when i dream i'm all alone
I never hear your loving tone
Talking in your sleep
You can't hear me when i speak
A conversation full of charm
And waiting for your clock alarm
But maybe i'm just jealous
'cause watching you ain't fair
Can i get Brooke's beeper number
And page you when you're there
I know this must sound quite absurd
I know i must come clean
I can't express my love to you
But you know what i mean

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  • 6 Brooke and the Sandman
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  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin