Who Sang Baby Blows Your Mind? Baby Woodrose

Baby Woodrose Blows Your Mind! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 3:25
Tell me if you can feel it
The soft chill down your spine
The sweet taste on your tongue baby
Not so easily defined

Baby Woodrose blows your mind
Baby Woodrose blows your mind

Tell me if you can see it
The spiral ceilings so out of sight
And all the walls are just reflections
Of your own mind's design

CD 1
  • 1 No Way Out
  • 2 Baby Blows Your Mind
  • 3 What a Burn!
  • 4 Caught in a Whirl
  • 5 Pandora
  • 6 Spinning Wheels of Fire
  • 7 Living a Dream
  • 8 Flaminica
  • 9 Maya
  • 10 D'ya Get What Ya Give?
  • 11 Kara Lynn
  • 12 Right to Get High
  • 13 Mind and Soul
  • 14 Nobody Spoil My Fun