Who Sang What a Burn!? Baby Woodrose

Baby Woodrose Blows Your Mind! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 2:26
You get a lip because they think they know
What's best for you and I baby
They're so afraid of the truth
They're gonna try to sell you one big pack of lies, baby
You've had your turn
And now it's mine, what a burn

You get a feeling that you're someone
Deep inside your soul, buddy
Then you get put down by everybody else
Because they think you're a nobody

You get a buzz from the city fuzz
Because you're on the wrong kind of dope, man
You get the eye from the girls on the side
Because you're playing in a rock'n'roll band

CD 1
  • 1 No Way Out
  • 2 Baby Blows Your Mind
  • 3 What a Burn!
  • 4 Caught in a Whirl
  • 5 Pandora
  • 6 Spinning Wheels of Fire
  • 7 Living a Dream
  • 8 Flaminica
  • 9 Maya
  • 10 D'ya Get What Ya Give?
  • 11 Kara Lynn
  • 12 Right to Get High
  • 13 Mind and Soul
  • 14 Nobody Spoil My Fun