Who Sang It Never Ends? Babyland

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length: 4:31
I burst through the ceiling to pound out a meaning.
To break down the standard and leave you believing.
It all can be done through you.
Despite what's been done to you.
Discover the power in your situation and take on its truth.
I can't recall a day that went by that I
did not have to try as hard as I could
just to stay in control and do what I should.

So shut up.
One can only take so much.
The deadline's approaching. I can't get the lid off.
I don't have enough to maintain.
It keeps coming at a crippling rate.
It's as dark as it seems.
I know what it needs but I won't be reduced to that state.
You can't make me.
You won't make me.
You can't make me.
It never ends.
I can't recall a day that went by that I
Did not have to try as hard as I could.
But what you learn is you can and that it never ends...

  • 1 Omaha
  • 2 Youth Choker
  • 3 Hillhurst
  • 4 Safe Equals No Sound
  • 5 Wrong Nominee
  • 6 Test Pilot
  • 7 Creeping Up
  • 8 Sophomore
  • 9 The Issuing Line
  • 10 Mini Mall
  • 11 Five Fingers
  • 12 Dyn-O-Mite!
  • 13 Fucked Equipment
  • 14 01
  • 15 It Never Ends

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    script: Latin