Who Sang Yes Yes Y'all? Backbone feat. Slic Patna

Slic Patna Concrete Law cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 3:33

We get the work
We do the dirt
We drop the vert on the car
We bend the corner off the floor because they know who we are
Yes yes y'all
We on a money making mission
Baby stay on ya job

In the Cut drunk as a skunk
Gone little girl
Let me see you shake ya rump
While the beat go bump
I know you seen it post up
Make you lose ya mind when you see it close up
Give me Hennessey no ice
One lime and whatever the lady like
Super-thick to def
I know I had to get her
She say she like a liquor dark like a nigga
Figured it out girl I like the way you tricked-it out
You drink and we out
Yo, Slic PA run wit Fat Face the only
I run up on 'em run up in 'em and leave 'em lonely
Believe that, (believe that) game sharp as creased britches
I stay fresh, fresh too slick for these bitches
Ssssssss.....(excuse me)
I'm a nigga with class
Ssssssss.....(forgive me)
Superfly I stay on they ass

[Hook 2x]
We get the work
We do the dirt
We drop the vert on the car
We bend the corner off floor because they know who we are
Slic Patna Baby (2nd time: Front Street Shawty [Back Street in next Hook] )
Yes Yes Y'all
We on a money making mission
Baby stay ya job

[Slic Patna]
Blow a dub, hit the club
Nigga showing me love
Shawty at the bar recognize
Shit wzup! you coming wit me?
Gonna see what it's gon be
Now finish ya drink I think she's tipsy
Club close at 3
We post up campaign
In the V.I.P. little girl rubbing on herself
Off that Xtasy slow down little lady
I'ma treat ya good but everythang ain't gravy
I like 'em with class cute face
Petite waist and whole latta ass
Ya boy straight off Campbelton Rd
Where them niggas ride vogues
Straight cut up on a ho, you ain't know?
Take it slow so you can maintain
We ride out 4 deep ain't nothing changed
Them peanut butter gut seats have 'em melting like ice
Didn't have to think twice
On the grind for me buying head for me


[Slic Patna]
Up in the club I stay posted
Eyes fire red cuase I'm toasted
Roasting all these hoes
Slow motion coastin by
Puffin red when she had to see my fie
Now I'm on her keep poppin like I'm big time
I done sold it so a pound ain't got but a dime
Keep trying to get her back to a hotel
Steady fixin got my pistol ?? for protection
Never slipping, mouth gripping make me touch and bust
Uhh...made a mess in her mouth
Washed up and peeled out
If it ain't no bank on it
I can't think on it
Hit her for her credit card full tank on it
I stay down for mine forever grind
Keep on stacking stacking on this side street
Til it jump gotta get me meat
I'm about cheddar got to break bread
Fie head or better, NO WAY


CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Concrete Law
  • 3 Like This
  • 4 Jump Back
  • 5 5 Deuce 4 Tre
  • 6 Hit and Run
  • 7 Lord Have Mercy
  • 8 Come See Me
  • 9 Believe That
  • 10 O.K.
  • 11 50 Deep
  • 12 Dungeon Ratz
  • 13 Under Streetlights
  • 14 Puttin' On
  • 15 Sho Ya Right!
  • 16 Yes Yes Y'all
  • 17 Wheatskraw (outro)