Who Sang Jump Back? Backbone

Backbone Concrete Law cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
length: 3:30
Now I'm give it to ya straight, gram for gram
Partna, ya see it on the plate
Ya can't **** with us, with that touch and bust
We got taste and smell, and plenty clientele
I see ya grinnin, how many?
Ten get'cha in, twenty hit'cha pennies
They trapped out, on cigarettes and Remi
Business is business, work with me not against me
Them suckers known to fiend, then let me get me
I put it on 'em point blank
*****s don't thank **** stank
Born and bred 'til I'm dead, get bank
Believe that! It's natural fact
I keep 'em bustin out the sack, now run and tell that
This for my nitty-gritters, money getters
All them big-lick hitters, and go-getters

[Hook] 2x
We put the work in the pot, see if it jump back
Put the work on the clock, see if it jump back
Put the work on ya block, see if it jump back
Put this Henn on the dock, and make 'em jump back

Whattaya say Slic Patna (Say!) Can't complain
Ev-e-rythang, everythang, ya know me mayne
I'm a hustlin young *****, keep me somethinn to serve
I'm a ridin young *****, keep me somethin to swerve
Give me a block and I'ma hit the hole
I can get'cha what'cha need, just hit ya folk
At W-W-W dot 'Get you some' dot Com, get you some
I keep 'em runnin back and forth for the pure product
Keep 'em beatin down the do', get it and go
One for this little change, two three mo' for the show
I propose a toast to them cats who put on the most

[Hook] 2x

Whip it, flip it, 'til I see a G stash
Drop a six too soft, for bringing back glass
Talkin 'bout, that fast
See how workin slow roll, but I see the fast cash
Own a fifty pad, of sticky sap
I stay sky-high, I keep the five-five
Jumpin for the high-high
Put the work in the pot, watch it rock-n-roll
Hit the stage, lil' girls keepa pullin my clothes
I'm fresh-fresh y'all, up out the mall
Back' up on the corner talkin Slic to y'all

[Hook] 2x

[Backbone] 2x
Front to back (Uh-huh) Jump back (What'd he say?)
Front to back (Uh-huh) Jump back (What'd he say?)
Front to back (Uh-huh) Jump back (What'd he say?)
Front to back (Uh-huh) Jump back (What'd he say?)

[Hook] 2x

Jump.. back
Jump back jump.. back
Jump back.. jump back
Jump jump.. jump back
Jump jump.. back
Jump back...

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Concrete Law
  • 3 Like This
  • 4 Jump Back
  • 5 5 Deuce 4 Tre
  • 6 Hit and Run
  • 7 Lord Have Mercy
  • 8 Come See Me
  • 9 Believe That
  • 10 O.K.
  • 11 50 Deep
  • 12 Dungeon Ratz
  • 13 Under Streetlights
  • 14 Puttin' On
  • 15 Sho Ya Right!
  • 16 Yes Yes Y'all
  • 17 Wheatskraw (outro)

  • Release information
    label: Universal Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    script: Latin