Who Sang Elliot Smith Is Still Alive? Backseat Goodbye

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I don't mind this place, it's all in the way you say, "I'm gone." What I mean is, please, take me with you. I'll keep the sky, you take the river bend. I'm so sorry, I give up again. Everybody's so lonely lately. I don't need a d*** book to save me. So celebrated, but I think I hate it now. I never said I'd be the one to figure out that something's wrong. It's the end of the world and all anyone can think about's themselves. All my friends and all my towns are just here till I hit the ground. I guess I'm better, I'm better, I'm better off loving myself. The new years turn me into good thing. What's with all my dreams disappearing? I think I'm going crazy, and I mean it this time. Maybe we should close our eyes and live forever. Set sail, to hell with all the lonely songs. Lately I don't care if anybody hears me, I just want shout until the sun goes down. Give me something new to believe in, I don't care how real it is. A year, a hundred thousand seasons, anything, anything, anything other than this. The storms came in waves, for an ending that was perfect. I know I never make sense, one day I'll prove I'm worth it, I'm worth it. We swore we saw angels, turns out they were only planes. The towers fell so bravely, we wondered if we were real. Twenty years is all it took for me to just get over it. The fact that forever's a lie, and me, I'm only human. But I'll be the first to say, don't trust the sky or gravity. I'll learn to fly if I want to, just let me grab my cape.

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