Who Sang Hey, You're Not Alone? Backseat Goodbye

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My whole life is a blur, a daydream with no sky to lean on. I use my heart when it wants to work, but these days I get so lost. And don't mind me, it's just a phase. Nothing a good drive alone can't fix. Put on some Jimmy Eat World, and just drive for days. Get sad, get lonely, get over it. Yeah. All good things don't have to fade. A thousand reasons all turned into better ways to leave this still life far behind. Cest La Vie, you oughta smile just a little more often. Oh well, I just can't tell how many times it'll take me to get it right. Oh no, I'm giving up the future. These nights are just not something I'm used to. Hey, hey, you're not alone. It's so amazing being young. Sure, I'm scared, but I'm not the only one. My generation, we're all losers, but we sure as hell won't ever give up. My whole life's been in black and white. The colors fade as the seasons go. The American Dream will have to wait. Next year will be better, I hope. Something tells me I'm not done. Call me what you will, but don't blame me when I run. I'm just another scar for you to miss. It's this town, I swear, it never liked me. When times were good, man they were good, we were invincible. Fighting the good fight, setting our souls on fire. We were never cool, but we were young, yeah, we were free. Baby, even the fools get lucky, one day you'll see.

  • 1 Elliot Smith Is Still Alive
  • 2 Moons
  • 3 Hey, You're Not Alone
  • 4 1996
  • 5 Infinity & Beyond
  • 6 You Are The One That Will Be By My Side
  • 7 Letdown of the Year
  • 8 So Long, You Were Right
  • 9 Yellow Brick Roads
  • 10 please.illuminate.me
  • 11 Good Ghosts

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