Who Sang Under This Sky With You? Backseat Goodbye

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Release Date: 2006-1-6
well hey i was thinking.
maybe we could makeout on the steps by your front door.
then take a walk to my block.
with the time that we've got and maybe talk some more.
'bout the stars that we see, 'bout the plans that we've made.
and the signs we never quite understood.
i can't think of nowhere i'd rather be.
than under this sky with you.
well hey i was thinking.
maybe i don't want.
maybe i don't want this night to end.
and maybe i don't want you to stop thinking about me.
well hey i was thinking.
maybe we could make it if we run and don't look back.
'cause these roads they can't stretch that far.
and the sky it can't turn too black.
and i was hoping maybe that you tell me someday.
you finally feel okay.
and maybe i won't worry 'bout things that make you hurry.
to get through these days.
well hey i was thinking.
maybe we could makeout while our hands do the talking.
'cause you you've got your soft voice.
and you know i've never been the best with words.

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    country(area): United States
    script: Latin