Who Sang A Kiss in the Night? Bad Boys Blue

Bad Boys Blue ...continued cover art
Release information
Genre: Electronic Pop
Style: Euro House/Synth-pop
length: 3:21
A Kiss in the Night
Can't find a second chance for love
Cuz a broken heart is never strong enough
To find a new horizon where the dreams come true
But even though my heart is longing for you


A kiss in the night
Lost in the dark
when lovers hide,angels are crying
Heaven's closed. No tears allowed
When lovers try to say good-bye
A kiss in the night

I feel you're still a part of me
I will always love you in my fantasy
The streets are dark and lonely
We walk hand in hand
I understand our love has come to an end


A Kiss in the Night
You're mine


A kiss in the night
A kiss in the night
You're mine
A kiss in the night

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