Bad Brains - How Low Can a Punk Get? 歌詞

合成: Daryl Jenifer, Gary Miller
オリジナル盤発売日: 1996-10-1
ジャンル: Rock Reggae
スタイル: Reggae/Hardcore/Punk
length: 2:32
I didn't mean to rip off. I thought it was a get off in mine. I tried to make the scence off. The plan was doomed to set off on time. The time that I was wastin' I spent on only chasin in the pits, and now I pay the price to make the sacrifice of the fool. I was on me. I chose not to be, cheated on part of the thrill, bargain was not fulfilled. lost in a crazy scheme that got strapped up in my dream. And now my times run out, what's it all about. Another DOA can you help me, how low can a punk get. My, My, My How low can a punk get?

CD 1
  • 1 Don't Need It
  • 2 At the Atlantis
  • 3 Pay to Cum
  • 4 Supertouch/Shittfit
  • 5 Regulator
  • 6 You're a Migraine
  • 7 Don't Bother Me
  • 8 Banned in D.C.
  • 9 Why'd You Have to Go?
  • 10 The Man Won't Annoy Ya
  • 11 Redbone in the City
  • 12 Black Dots
  • 13 How Low Can a Punk Get?
  • 14 Just Another Damn Song
  • 15 Attitude
  • 16 Send You No Flowers